To The Girl From Jupiter..

We are all told, "Chase your dreams" or “live your life to the fullest”; and I am here to do just that.

Have you ever felt a connection with someone, without having actually met the person?
To put it simply, I think you are someone worth getting to know and as I told you before, you are someone I get the feeling, is fun to be around :)

Now I don't know much about you Lamis, but I did notice a few things the first time I saw your profile that I could relate to.


Fascinating Things I Found:


You Love Cats!

Putting aside the joke that all Egyptians must own a pet cat; this shows that you are individualistic and more complex as a character.

Black is Your Happy Color

Black is the official "badass" color, a little mysterious and it matches with everything.
I love it, you love it, and let's face it - the only way people who love black will stop wearing black is when they invent a darker color 😂

You Speak Dat Lingo

Your English is not only very good, but it's also American from what I can tell; It suggests that you either lived abroad or have some unique connections, regardless of which I'm curious to know more about :)

You are Blessed!

You are Muslim Alhamdulilah, there's too much to say about why that's so amazing. What's more, is that culturally speaking we are similar since I think you are from Egypt (like me) and maybe Kuwait as well.

Social Media?

You’re not super into social media which I find fascinating because to me that shows that you have a deep personality. Honestly, people like that are tough to find and are more interesting.


You have a snarky/sarcastic sense of humor which I find hilarious, I forgot where I saw it, but there was this one guy asking for your name and number and you responded with: "leh hatala3ly ro5sa" or something along those lines 😂😂😂


Thank You for Reading :)

Although I know very little about you, I'm happy to see we have a lot of things in common right off the bat! 
If you are open to it, I'd love to maybe grab a cup of coffee or watch a movie to get to know each other a little bit more?

If there's one thing I've learned is that it can never hurt to gain a friend :)

Thanks for submitting!

Coffee Cups